Pick a Theme

Are stumped trying to come up with ideas on how to turned that regular party into a extraordinary one, why not try a theme party? Themed parties are always fun. Having a theme to your party turns that ordinary party into one with character. Eclipse Effect Entertainment can help you set up your theme party. We can work with your ideas to create a sound and lighting experience to turn your theme party into a one of a kind event that you and your guests will love.

‍‍‍Custom Party Gobos‍‍‍‍‍‍

Custom party or event gobos can help enhance the event or party. From a gobo saying “Happy Birthday!” to a company logo. Custom gobos can help personalize and make your event stand out. We offer custom budget gobos or the more detailed and precise glass/metal custom gobos that you keep as a memento at the end of the event.

Frozen themed event at Imiloa.

Japan themed family reunion at Hilo Meishoin.

Las Vegas sign gobo for a  Las Vegas themed event.

Budget Ewok gobo for a baby’s first birthday with a

Star Wars theme.

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Lighting can help make your party come alive.  One of the sayings our attendees consistently say is “Wow!  Lighting makes a huge difference.”  This statement is true.  A little lighting goes a long way.  Lighting can enhance your theme and create a dramatically different atmosphere for your guests.  Lighting creates a feeling.  Want to create a party that will really excite your guests.  Try adding some lighting.  For more details on lighting click on one of the images below.

70’s themed party at the Wainaku Center.

Halloween Party at Banyan’s Restaurant.

Every Event is Special

Every event is special.  You celebrate milestones once in your life.  You get one high school graduation, you celebrate each birthday age once, you get one retirement party.  Your event will be treated like it's special.  That's because it is.  We understand that we're there to celebrate the celebrant.  If your guests laugh, cry, dance, and celebrate all in one night, it makes for a night that will always be remembered.

DJ, MC, Sound, Lighting, and Event Production Services.


A graduation party is a celebration of the graduate.  To celebrate an accomplishment, hard work, and many years of schooling.  It's in many cases the first huge milestone in someones life.  To create a memorable graduation party it's important to tell a story.  Tell the story about what the graduate will be doing for the next step in his or her life.  If they are going away to college, let the guests know where he or she will be going, what they are excited to experience while away, what they will miss, and what job they hope to get in the future.  Then tell the story of the parents.  It is a bittersweet time for a parents of the graduate that will be leaving for college.  They are proud of their graduate, but yet they know that the days that they will be able to spend time with their son or daughter are limited because they ‍‍‍will soon leave for college.  Then add fun, interaction, dancing, and games into the mix and you will have a graduation party that people will remember forever.

McKenna dances with her father to say thank you for all the years of love and support.  Photo by Tracy Lyn Photography.