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Celebration of Love at Moon & Turtle.

It's been a while, but this wedding was still on my mind.  There's hardly a time when a location really surprises me.  Surprises me in a good way.  The services was great, the food was fantastic, the location was perfectly fitting for a nice small family style wedding.  I can definitely recommend Moon & Turtle for your next wedding.

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This past June it was the wedding of Jackie and Casey.  When they told me they were having a wedding at Moon & Turtle I said "Really?"  At the time I had no idea that they hosted weddings or parties.  When the restaurant is rented out and a certain menu is chosen, the place is all your for you and your guests to enjoy.  They have their main dining area in the restaurant and a separate side room that can comfortably host 35 - 37 guests.

The main dining area is perfect for guests to eat and mingle.  When they set up the tables in a U shape it does fit a good amount of guests in there.  What's great is that all the guests can see each other.  The side room can then be used for first dances and dancing.  The spaces feel comfortable an intimate.

Need I say anymore about the food.  The food here is fantastic.  I was lucky to be included into this taste experience.  This place specializes in sea food dishes with an emphasis on local and fresh ingredients.  This wedding had quite the assortment of dishes.  If you want to leave your guests with something to talk about.  The food will definitely be that feature with a wedding at this location.

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As a person that is not a big fan of sea food I must say I was pleasantly surprised.  I finished every dish that was sent my way.  There must have been 6 dishes.  Most of them were sea food dishes.  The big difference is how the dishes were prepared.  None of the dishes had that fishy ocean taste.  They were fresh and perfectly balanced with a great presentation.  Dishes that perhaps your non fish fans will likely enjoy and experience.

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What a great wedding experience Moon & Turtle provides.  The staff here are friendly and accommodating, the food was amazing, the venue is comfortable and intimate.  If you are looking for a place to have a nice small wedding in Hilo this is definitely a place I can recommend.  In weddings it's the experience that you and your guests will remember.  It's definitely an experience they provide.  Thanks to the fantastic couple Casey & Jackie for having us at this one of a kind wedding experience.

For more information on Moon & Turtle or to make reservations call (808) 961-0599.          – Blog written by Jase Takeya.

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