Lighting adds amazing ambiance to your wedding or party.  From a soft glow of your favorite color to a color that matches your party theme.  Lighting can help enhance the look of your venue by highlight center pieces, decor, cake, and creating a focal point in the room like the head table.  Photographers and videographers love lighting.  It not only adds extra visuals to their pictures, but also lighting can also determine how well you are seen in those wedding photos or video.  The Eclipse Effect Entertainment staff can work with you to help design the lighting in the room for your party.  We combine your ideas and our suggestions to create an amazing looking venue.  Our goal is to design the lighting specially for your event.

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Full Room Lighting Design in the Sheraton Convention Center.

Market/Cafe Lighting

Eclipse Effect Entertainment offers string/market lighting with lanterns in many designs and colors which creates a intimate glow at your wedding or it can be used for extra lighting for your party.  Another design is to have string lighting without the lanterns for a different look.  For a more elaborate lighting design we can use market lighting/lantern lighting with uplighting.